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Helping individuals and couples manage challenging times

We are facing uncertain times and increased stress. Change, whether desired or unplanned may require more than we are comfortable with. Seeking counseling with a self-compassionate mindset can help to establish an increased sense of well-being. An experienced therapist can assist you in moving toward personal acceptance, contentment and empowerment.

“Naming an emotion begins the process of regulating it and reflecting on it.”

— Sue Johnson

Finding a Counselor That is a Good Fit

Selecting a counselor is a very personal decision.  Spending the time to find a good fit can set you on the best path forward towards achieving your personal goals.  Consider looking for a professional that can provide a safe space, who helps you walk through life transitions and concerns.  When looking for a therapist:

When you contact a counselor, ask questions and clarify your concerns.  You want to meet with someone sensitive to your personal experiences and needs.  Asking questions that matter to you will help identify your individual goals.  These goals may change over time and your counselor will provide guidance on working towards them.

Some of the Benefits of Counseling

Whether you are going through a major life change or other stressful situation, being able to connect is essential to effective counseling and outcome. The more we understand about ourselves, the easier it is to determine a path forward. Depending on your needs, a counselor can provide:

  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities,
  • Increased clarity to reduce constantly feeling overwhelmed and flooded by thoughts,

  • Resolving personal issues and concerns,
  • Learning new coping tools to manage stress and anxiety,

  • Enhanced communication and listening skills,

  • Breaking up the cycle of old patterns and behaviors,

  • Methods to improve interpersonal relationships,
  • Develop an increased sense of self.

A Quick Look at Counseling Sessions

What to Expect

Prior to the initial appointment, you will be able to discuss the counseling process, understand what to expect and ask questions. You can expect an environment that is compassionate and open, where I get to know you and your concerns.

During our counseling sessions we will clarify goals, and address perspectives on how you want to grow as an individual.

Welcoming space for counseling sessions

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