Robin Zelinger-Casway offers counseling services

Helping individuals and couples manage challenging times

We are all facing uncertain times and increased stress. Change, whether desired or unplanned may require more than we are comfortable with. Therefore by seeking therapy/counseling with a self-compassionate mindset, this can help to establish an increased sense of well-being. An experienced therapist can assist you in moving toward personal acceptance, contentment and empowerment.

“Naming an emotion begins the process of regulating it and reflecting on it.”

— Sue Johnson

Approach to Counseling Sessions

Individual counseling aims to create an enhanced sense of well being whether or not your concerns are situational in nature, or longer standing.  Above all, clients require a confidential and comfortable environment to address their needs.  With office hours to accommodate most schedules, your focus can be directed solely on your goals, concerns and building on existing strengths.

Couples counseling aims to improve understandings and emotional intimacy.  Often, we can lose sight of what conflicts and disconnects are really about.  Consequently, the goal is to gain a better understanding of oneself and your partner to begin breaking negative cycles and promote a more satisfying relationship.

Fertility counseling aims to help individuals and couples navigate the often-daunting path forward to achieve family building dreams. As a result, relationships can become strained and increase the loneliness that often accompanies fertility challenges. Therefore, seeking a therapist trained in the field of fertility and family building can assist you to develop effective coping skills while managing the complexities of fertility treatment.

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